Unlocking Your Path to Higher Education: A Guide for Military Members and Veterans (2023)


Embarking on the journey to higher education is a significant milestone for individuals seeking personal and professional growth. For veterans and active-duty military members, this path may seem daunting due to unique challenges and commitments. However, the misconception that military personnel can't pursue college while in service or as veterans is far from the truth. In this comprehensive guide, we debunk common myths and provide insights for military individuals considering or already on the road to obtaining a college degree.

Breaking the Myth: College During Active Duty

Yes, You Can!

Contrary to popular belief, military service and college education are not mutually exclusive. Many military-friendly colleges offer flexible schedules, including online courses, to accommodate active-duty members. The U.S. Department of Defense provides tuition assistance, with each branch offering up to $4,500 annually, making pursuing a degree while on active duty not only feasible but financially viable.

Beyond Service: College as a Veteran

Transitioning with Confidence

For veterans, the prospect of attending college might seem intimidating, but it is entirely achievable. In 2018, 75 percent of veterans were enrolled as full-time students, pursuing various academic goals. GI benefits, coupled with programs like the Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement, alleviate financial burdens. This additional support ensures that veterans can focus on their studies without the stress of excessive financial strain.

The Value of Higher Education for Military Members

Beyond Financial Support

While tuition assistance is a significant perk, the benefits of pursuing higher education extend far beyond financial aid. Military members often seek college programs to:

  • Expand career opportunities
  • Increase job marketability and salary potential
  • Develop new skills for civilian life
  • Apply military skills in diverse contexts
  • Improve overall quality of life for themselves and their families

Military experience instills qualities like hard work, dedication, and a drive to succeed – assets that position service members for success in a college environment.

Challenges and Solutions

Navigating the Unique Road

Acknowledging the challenges faced by military students is crucial for a successful college experience. From balancing parenting, career, and military responsibilities to adapting from military-style learning to a university environment, each hurdle presents an opportunity for growth. Military-friendly colleges recognize these challenges and offer tailored support systems, easing the transition for veterans and active-duty personnel.

What to Look for in a Military-Friendly College

Choosing Your Path Wisely

Selecting the right college is paramount for military individuals. Key attributes of a military-friendly college include:

  • Flexibility in Scheduling: Offering part-time and full-time programs
  • Online Course Options: Critical for active-duty members
  • Veteran Services: Providing financial assistance and resources
  • Nontraditional Student Body: Fostering a supportive environment for veterans

Goodwin University: Your Path to Success

Elevating Your Educational Journey

In 2021-2022, Goodwin University achieved Gold Level status as a Military Friendly School in Connecticut. Recognized for its educational benefits, financial assistance, flexible scheduling, and dedicated resources for military students, Goodwin University stands as a beacon for those seeking a supportive and enriching educational experience.


In conclusion, the narrative that military members face insurmountable barriers to higher education is outdated. Armed with the right information and support from military-friendly institutions like Goodwin University, pursuing a college degree is not only possible but can become a transformative journey toward personal and professional fulfillment. Don't let misconceptions hold you back – unlock your path to higher education today.


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