What’s inside GABBY’S DOLLHOUSE!! Surprise Box for Adley and Niko! playing toys with our family 🐈 (2023)


You can watch Gabby’s Dollhouse available only on Netflix and check out the Gabby’s Dollhouse toys at Walmart, Target, and Amazon. This video is sponsored by Spin Master #GabbysDollhouse #SpinMaster

LET'S BE FRIENDS -- goo.gl/a7ctjJ

HEY EVERYBODY!! Welcome to the basement trick competition!! My mom is judging how well my dad and I do cool tricks!! I wanted to show my dad what I could do, so I did a front flip on our giant beanbag and then I cartwheeled all over the basement!! My dad did some pretty cool tricks as well. When he jumped on the beanbag he spun like 4 times!! But right in the middle of our competition, we heard something peculiar, We heard the Gabby's Dollhouse cat doorbell sound!! That sound comes on when a package is delivered, so we rushed upstairs to check our front door!! The sound was telling the truth because when we opened the door we found a GIANT box from Gabby's Dollhouse!! I was so excited!!! I told dad and mom to help me bring it in so we could see what's inside!! We got it all ready and opened it and found so many cool things inside!! We found magic cat ears, a big dollhouse, deluxe rooms, and a lot of characters from the show!! My favorite cat, Pandy, was even there!! We unboxed everything and started to build!! While we were building I was so ready to start playing I asked by dad to keep building so that mom and I could just play!! It was so fun!! I gave a tour to my mom of the whole house, I took her to the secret upstairs, and we found all the neat surprises hidden throughout the dollhouse!! I was having so much fun that I wanted my brother Niko to come and play with me!! My dad went and grabbed him and we played for a long time!! I am so happy that Gabby's Dollhouse sent me that fun box of surprises!!

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*


I picked him it up and pinching my grappy and he did and hold on.

How did you what the hell pinch, the left pinch, the right hold, andy's hand and hold on tight you're back.

Okay, hey wait for me! I want to go first thanks for the food busted.


How did she even fit in that box? I'm just making a picture of youtube.

Will you guys talk to me? Mine is a bird back flop.

I think I'm happy to go badly on this one.

I need a better trick.

Grab it nico.

I got a pie I got.

Are you ready, yeah ready, so you're gonna be a judge.

Okay, you're gonna see who does the best trick? Okay, tricks yeah.

You say how to do tricks, yep and you're you're a contestant and whoever does the best tricks wins.

It's gonna, be a special surprise.

Don't tell any of us.

You can think while we're making moves.

Okay, okay, I'll, be waiting, so I'm a contestant she's, a judge.

What are you I'm a contestant too against me, yeah, I'm the best contestant all right contestants listening is first and the first trick is your best trick off the couch to the bean bag.

Okay, okay, I can do that.

I can do it easy, that's cool! All right! Mine is a bird back flop.

I think I'm happy to go badly on this one.

I need a better trick.

She headbutted into it.

Oh that was the same noise yeah.

What's true, we're gonna check the front door.

No! Yes, let's go come on, let's check the front door.

I have no idea what they're talking about all right.

I'm coming! Hey, hey! Wait for me! I want to go first.

Let me open it, I'm the first one guys.

This looks amazing.

Where did this come from? It's a giant cat? Oh my goodness! Where do you want it over here, dreamworks, gabby's, dollhouse, hey, that's the show you like to watch my this show.

Okay, can I open it? I guess so.

Are you ready yeah ready holy smokes? This is that's what she does to turn into a cartoon.

Wait! Look! Let's try them on who gets the worm, though.

What's the song teach me the song, a pinch on my lip and a pinch on my eye, grab pencil and hold on and then okay.

This is just like the show you watch.

You have your own gabby's doll house how awesome dude! This is just like the shirt.

It's not the bedroom, um things.

I think we should open the dollhouse.

There's an elevator yeah ready this stuff logos in it.

Yeah wait, wait guys I'll, open it with magic watch this a pinch on the.

What do I do pinch on the left pinch on the right? You got pinch on my left, jump into my gap, handy down and hold on no way behind the box.

All right.

We gotta build this dollhouse.

If you guys need a bag bag, open bag open back open, I think that's the top of the slide.

Oh look at these glasses, hello.

All right now we got to put these rooms in oh, this is how you put the rooms in.

I think these are like all the different levels: hey it's a cat or roof guys watch this.

I pinch on my left and pinch in my grab, candy cane and hold on pull appley.

How did you what the you're tiny pinch, your ears? Okay, pinch, the left pinch to the right hold pandy's hand and hold on tile yeah you're back this one goes on this side.

I think, is this backwards? It's backwards.

Oops! This way we're doing stickers now dad? Okay, let's do it perfect! Oh! I like that spot, some pancakes.

Okay, that goes on the tray.


Okay, morphem go ahead and put it on oh nice, oh so you can have like dinner and then breakfast okay and then a cute picture of.

Where do you want the slide? Maybe in the toy room or something it goes in here? Uh, let's go open.

These boxes bring them over.

Oh yeah, okay.

We all can open one at a time: okay, okay! Actually! No! We all can open one here for all of us.

Okay, I'll share one okay come on.

We all share them.

Okay, okay, hold on hold on you, guys are opening that one and then I'll start getting and to help.

Okay, I'll start opening all her friends, candy paws meerkat cakey cat, which one do you want to play with first athlete: did she go tiny again, probably we're stepping on her? Where did she go for reals? I don't know uh addly vlog, you know busted, okay, how did she even fit in that box? When did you guys do that you were busy opening stuff put it in the kitchen? Okay, another package why'd, you have so many packages, daddy, go down here and watch close this real quick and then then we go like this.

We have a delay.

Okay, that's it! Okay! Let's put that back.

She put all the deliveries up here.

Oh I want to try a delivery.

You put it in here and you know: meow meow, meow, wow open more and more there's another delivery.

So let's keep opening some.

Oh there's a delivery in here.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking, what it's gonna be a fun weekend? We're gonna play this all weekend the surprise! Oh my gosh! Let me open it.

This stuff goes in the rooms and these are like separate rooms.

These are deluxe rooms, gabby's, dollhouse, pill, cat, sweet dreams, bedroom, look, it's panties for the surprise, I'm gonna open this one.

We got candy yeah, then look! What's the surprise? What's the surprise, it's the surprise.

What's it gonna, be, I hope it's a taco.

I want a taco manny cake.

She has a taco, it's a cupcake.


I found another one of there's another, these speaking of boxes, yeah, a baby box cat hi.

Actually dad you give out candy and accessories, and me and mom are gonna play.

Okay, keep going! There's do you want to eat in the kitchen? Oh yeah, we just woke up.

We need to eat, let's have fish, what we're eating dinner for breakfast.

I like fish, I'm a cat, okay, wow! This is good stuff.

Now you can have the pancake.

Oh, I love these cat pancakes.

What's this hey cat rat he's hiding in the tree hiding in the tree, I can't you can't keep napping cat rat.

I'm gonna go to the bathroom and see what um my cat's doing.


Are you taking the captivator? Yes, I am.

Why do you want to see the captivator? So cute, how do you do it? Oh, I didn't know that button existed.

What did I just do? How did I do that? I'm magic, that's magic! That was a delivery.

Sound! Oh, is there a delivery? Okay, it's coming here! It is what is it what's inside? Here's, my candy pack? Oh that's so cute, my candy bag.

Oh okay, that's a good delivery.

Okay, uh you're! Welcome for pushing the delivery button.

Thanks dad.

I wonder what else this button does? Okay, I'm gonna go see what mercat is doing now see upstairs, see ya: okay, hey mercat! What you doing today! Oh I'm, just I'm just eating my cupcake! Well have fun with your cupcake daddy.

Are you taking a nap? I'm tired, okay, wait! There's another secret in the tree! Yeah come check it out, wait.

What bunny he's so cute little bunny come out.

Wow! Hey! Do you want to go play upstairs sure, let's go wow, let's go down.

The slide.

Is that cat rat hiding a cat? What are you doing you're so silly? You have to sleep with the bed, not the balls candy.

Do you want to go paint sure, let's go hi baby hi, I'm just making a picture of you two.

Will you guys close with me? Okay, look at it he's so good baby box cat.

I love it uh! Speaking of painting.

I got this ready.

Oh that's cool! It's like a painting, baby box.

You've got in your painting, clothes fast, yep, I'm a fast box.

Look I've changed too.

Oh, I don't have any clothes to change it um here.

Do you want to be winking hi? You guys can start painting.

I'm gonna go see how everybody else is doing and all in the house.

Okay, guys! Okay, bye, wait! You know that sound.

There must be another delivery.

Really yeah.

Let's go come on.

It's a rainbow cow, blue purple, pink, it's so cool! I play the guitar music rose.

Oh my gosh! I got a music room together.

Okay, let's get it out and the dj cabinet you guys here to play some songs.


We are first grab your instruments.

I'm gonna play this all right.

Here's your dj! Booth! Okay! You can work on that.

One! Oh yeah! Let's make some music hey gabby, you want to play, hide and seek uh sure, pandy, okay, go get dressed and I'll go hide, okay, I'll, say pandy when I'm ready.

Oh whoa, look at all these boxes, gabby gabby, gabby, candy where'd! He go.

I found a bunch of boxes, follow me and they have cutting edges.

Okay, let's go look.

Look at all these boxes.

Oh my goodness.

We have to open them.

Okay, let's open them yeah! Maybe we need some help.

Uh yeah, let's go see.

If I can find one more person to help us yeah.

Okay, you can start opening boxes I'll, go find someone else.

Okay, let's wake me up come on.

We found some boxes.

I was taking a perfectly good catnap come on.

We found the boxes.

We need help, opening them.

Okay, let's go! Let's go.

Are you carrying me on your back whoa? Look at this place.

This is awesome! Okay.

Where are we going we're here and here and I brought cat right, hey guys, I'm glad you're here I need help all these boxes.

Hi, I'm gonna woke him up from a nap and you know what happens when he wakes up from now he's really grumpy yeah.

She woke me up from a cat now and I'm not happy about it.

Well, maybe these packages will make you feel better.

What's inside them, can I see, can I see yeah? Oh this one has a little cat watering pill.

I've always wanted.

I got mine.

Is anybody hungry? Yes, I love jelly.

I'm always hungry.

Give me some food.

Okay, fine, guys who's down for some video games.

Later I love video games.

I've been looking for you everywhere.

Look at this little superhero stuffy wait.

I think I have that costume.

Let me go change.

She really has a superhero costume.

Yes, look we're matching.

Can you make me a super sandwich? I'm hungry cat rat is hungry.

Should we go make him some breakfast? Yes yeah.

I want food.

Okay, let's go down, I'm gonna go dig a cat.

Now tell me when my food's ready, okay, hey where'd, everybody go.

I guess they're downstairs I'll go downstairs.

Then cat cat cat, wow, okay, okay, I'm awake- is my food ready.

Yes, oh yeah fish.

I love fish.

Hey you got a messy.

You got a messy face.

Ah clean yeah.

It thanks for the food.

Probably this is so fun.

Should we show niko this yeah.

I want to get him I want to get him.

Can I go get niko? Okay, dad go grab while dad goes and gets, let's put on the secret room, the deluxe room, he's gonna, be so surprised.

I think it's gonna add more more room to further the lux okay.

This connects here, let's put on the wall now attach it here.

Look at that! That's awesome, cute bed, okay, wherever you want to put everything, here's a mirror: the bed uh did.

These surprises come with it yeah it's a book.

Oh a sleep mask this magical, I'm gonna, take a pet nap.

Are you taking a cat nap? Yep? Okay, hey mama! Can I tell you something real, quick yeah? This is pandy's favorite, stuffy, okay, okay, and this is your favorite stuffy.

I love it all right.

This room is set up.

Should we do the next deluxe rooms? Yes, uh they're already set up what's in here? What's in here, new surprises in the bathroom? What is so slippery? It's like soap.

Oh, how could you get soap on your hands? Uh yep! Look at this bathtub! The bubbles are coming up.

Oh wow, it's so slippery all right! Meerkat! Can you show us what's in these packages? I think you spelled water on the floor.

It's slippery! I'm! So sorry I didn't mean to it's: okay, america, okay, what is it um? What it's for you gabby, look! Wait, let's see if it goes for panty or you.

I have cucumbers on my eyes, I'm so relaxed ugly look! Ah, this is so relaxing.

Oh cucumbers, there's perfume in this one perfume watch out rubber, ducky wow! Look it's like a special penny.

Are you gonna take a relaxing? Do you think the house looks like a cat nico yeah? Look at this yeah he's hiding huh where's the door at guys, there's something in our box.

Come on.

Let's go see we go for her, we're going to do it again.

We start again kevin nico.

I got a pie.

What did you get? Oh, I got a cat.

I think we need a bake.

It's a big hat.

I just baked some cupcakes and I'm not really hungry right now, so I'm gonna put them in the fridge for lunch.

Okay, hey marquette! Do you want some cupcakes? Oh yes, oh he wants some cupcakes.

You can keep cooking if you want I'll be back and whatever you want me to okay, okay, yeah! I wonder where pandy went? Have you seen him so relaxing look at the noise candy? Where are you? Oh? Thank you, candy! Are you taking a bath uh yeah, it's just a little bubble bath.

It feels so nice.

Oh, you look so cute.

I know everybody else doesn't like water and they think I the they can't see that I like water, because cats hate water, so I'm just sneaking ah candy's on your head.

What are you doing on my head? We better brush our teeth and go to bed.

That's true! All right! Let's get ready for bed! Oh, it's fine! You should stop it I'll sleep here already asleep I'll! Just go sleep in this room.

Can I be your sleep on my bed? Here's my stuffy good night, everybody I gotta get my sleepy mask on.

Did your catnip! I have your sleep mask.


What are we doing? Thank you.

Go back to sleep, guys, um, I'm pretty tired, too.

I think I'm gonna go in my bed too meow good night, guys guys I'm ready to play.

They don't fall asleep.

Well, I guess I get to play with this.

All by myself.

Do you want to play some still and go play? Okay, let's go play.

Okay, you guys can watch gabby's dollhouse on netflix and then these fun toys are available at target walmart and amazon.

Thanks for watching bye for this video.


What comes inside Gabby's dollhouse? ›

Gabby's Purrfect Dollhouse

At over 2 feet tall, it looks just like the dollhouse from the NETFLIX original series. It includes Gabby and Pandy Paws figures, 8 pieces of furniture, 3 accessories and 2 Dollhouse Deliveries! Drop a delivery in the tower and discover a surprise accessory inside!

What are the different cats in Gabby's dollhouse? ›

Includes Gabby and her adorable and irresistible kitty friends Pandy Paws, MerCat, Cakey Cat, Kitty Fairy, CatRat and Baby Box Cat!

How old is baby box in Gabby's dollhouse? ›

Baby Box, also known as The Cardboard Cutie, is the youngest of Mama Box's box kittens from Gabby's Dollhouse DX, she's 4-years old and the most frequent appeared.

What are the 6 rooms in Gabby's dollhouse? ›

  • Music Room. The Music Room is located on the right-side of the first floor. ...
  • Kitchen. The Kitchen is located on the left side of the first floor. ...
  • Bathroom. The Bathroom is located on the left side of the second floor. ...
  • Bedroom. ...
  • Playroom. ...
  • Craft Room. ...
  • The Fairy Tail Garden.

What gender is Gabby dollhouse? ›

In GABBY'S DOLLHOUSE, a young girl named Gabby (voiced by Laila Lockhart Kraner) uses a pair of magical cat ears to shrink in size and transport herself into her cat-themed dollhouse for all kinds of wonderful adventures inspired by a surprise gift she receives at the start of the story.

What is the white cat in Gabby's dollhouse? ›

Pandy Paws is a quick 8-year-old white and black cat-panda from Gabby's Dollhouse DX and the main protagonist of the Super Pandy Series. He loves hug attacks and he's Gabby's best friend. He's always up for adventures, hugs, or snacks, and he's the perfect cat to get into all sorts of mischief with!

Is Gabby's hair real? ›

Now, she's proud of her natural hair. “Now here I am today – no extensions – no clip-ins – no wigs – no chemicals – all me,” she says.

What age is Gabby cat for? ›

3 Years &

Does gabbys dollhouse come with characters? ›

Includes Gabby and her adorable and irresistible kitty friends: Pandy Paws, MerCat, Cakey Cat, Kitty Fairy, CatRat and Baby Box Cat. DOLLHOUSE DELIVERY WITH SURPRISE ACCESSORY: The Deluxe Figure Set comes with a Dollhouse Delivery, just like in the show.

How many hamster kitties are in Gabby's dollhouse? ›

Featuring three super-cute Hamster Kitties, from the hit Netflix series, Surprise the Gabby's Dollhouse fan in your life with these huggable, lovable plush pals!


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